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Delicious And Crispy Crisps From Vegetable Peels

It all started with having a few pieces of beetroot at home because I planned to make roasted beets. Days went by, but I didn't get to the task, and they started to wrinkle a bit. No worries, they will still be delicious. I also had pumpkin, the Canadian variety, which pairs well and adds color.

pumpkin crisps

After a thorough wash, peeling with a potato peeler, dicing, with a bit of diced onion, a drizzle of fresh orange juice, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, everything goes into the oven on a large baking sheet. The end result will be a tasty side dish or even a one-pot meal.

While peeling, the thought occurred to me that it would be a shame to throw away the vegetable peels. I had previously eaten beetroot chips, but not those made from pumpkin. Although I hadn't really peeled the pumpkin before, it seemed like the right time.

While the tray of vegetables was roasting, in a smaller tray, I mixed the beetroot and pumpkin peels with a little oil. In the oven, at medium temperature, they became truly crispy in just a few minutes. Be careful with the beetroot because it can burn more easily. It's hard to give an exact time in minutes because every oven is a bit different, and it also matters how thickly we peeled the vegetables. Don't leave it unattended, be sure to check it occasionally during baking!

beetroot on table

I lightly salted the finished vegetable chips, and nothing was left but the crunch and taste test. I'm happy to report that the food rescue was successful. Perhaps the pumpkin chips (crisp if you are British 😊) emerged victorious since they turned out to be almost as crispy as traditional potato chips. It disappeared in just a few minutes.

💡TIP: The fresher the beetroot, the thinner it can be peeled, resulting in a crispier final product. Don't throw away pumpkin seeds, roast them! They can also be a crunchy snack or a decorative addition to a cream soup.


About the chef: Judit Schmidt is a dietitian and health educator. She is primarily involved in writing articles, editing, proofreading, and creating professional texts on health-related topics. She also gives informative lectures for companies and schools. Her main focus is on disease prevention and creating a balanced and sustainable diet. She presents the profession of dietetics and her own work in a personal, sometimes humorous style on her blog across various social media platforms under the name Youteefool.


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