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Secontaste Press Kit

We've got all the most important details about the Secontaste brand right here!
Feel free to use these texts, assets and features however you like, especially if you're a journalist. ;)

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About Upcycling in short:

Did you know that beyond the popular concept of recycling, there's a less known but more sustainable approach called upcycling? This concept is rooted in ancient traditions where the goal is to utilize every ingredient, similar to breadcrumbs, sausages, or spirits. It taps into the human instinct to avoid food waste. The essence is to create more with less and elevate every ingredient to its highest and best use.

From this perspective, a byproduct in the food industry still holds nutrients and calories and should be seen as a potential component or ingredient, from which new value-added products can be crafted, rather than just waste.

Another key advantage of upcycling is its inherently creative nature, producing high-quality, nutritious foods from the nutrients that might otherwise slip through the cracks of our food system. It transforms them into delicious food items. For instance, Secontaste creates new food products and recipes from spent brewing grains like beer drags or coffee grounds and grains.

Meet our founder, the person behind the Secontaste: Julia Dalmadi, a food futurist entrepreneur.

With expertise in food industry and digital innovation, she is an experienced project manager and concept developer. Equipped with consumer- and planet-centric design, systematic thinking, and a global network in the food industry, Julia works towards creating a more sustainable future. Since her postgraduate studies in food industry innovation, she has served as an ambassador for the Future Food Institute, planning and executing numerous educational projects. As a leader of the Food & Climate Shaper Boot Camps, a joint initiative with the FAO, she heads a global network that is revolutionizing the food industry.

Dalmadi Júlia founder food futurist upcycling expert alapító élelmiszer futurista upcycling expert

Our Founder:
Julia Dalmadi - LinkedIn

Downloadable logos and images:



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