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Speedy Granola Butter - The Carb-Conscious Spread Recipe

No time to spare? No worries! Dive into the world of speedy and delicious granola transformations. Simplicity meets flavor in this lightning-fast recipe. As you can see, even the article is short, because in this one, EVERYTHING speaks for itself, just look at the pictures (the peanut butter jelly sandwich gains a whole new meaning as well...) 😋! Every spoonful is pure pleasure from our silky, sexy, mischievously delectable granola cream, and as you will see, it doesn't require much at all... Enjoy the indulgence!

woman holding granola butter jelly sandwich in her hands above green plates neyt to breads

Midway between Nutella and crunchy peanut butter, this fiber and protein-rich alternative delight awaits. Surprisingly low in carbs, it's a carb-conscious yet UTTERLY COMFORTING TREAT. So much so that we can almost picture Bridget Jones, in the heartache of love, grinding her favorite granola, slowly incorporating her chosen fat, spooning it away while listening to "All by Myself"... We think the end result wouldn't even turn blue, unlike her asparagus soup. We promised you won't need much, and chances are, you won't even have to make a trip to the store. We understand the frustration when reading a recipe, and get stuck at the ingredients, realizing you don't have this or that, can't find it anywhere, or have no clue what that even is. Well, you won't face such problems here, we've got you covered... 😌

womani is dipping a piece of baguett in the brewer's granola butter in a white cup on chopping board next to bagel

  • 50g Brewer's Granola (choose your favorite!)

  • 2 tbsp chosen fat: canola oil / sunflower oil / coconut oil / flaxseed oil / ... (we loved it most with canola oil)

  • heartache song, preferably "All by myself" and a big spoon

We love these simple recipes, as you could read in our upcycling 101, it is human instinct not to waste food,

so to create more with less is the way to go! One of our many purposes is to elevate every food item to its highest and best use.

  1. Measure the ingredients into a blender jar.

  2. Blend until creamy using a blender.

  3. According to taste, add more fat, because some prefer it chunkier, while others like it smoother. 😉

Whether it's pastries, pancakes, fruit, or a slice of bread, our Brewer's Granola Butter is pure delight! Explore our webshop, pick your favorite granola, and let us know how did you indulge in this creamy sensation... this:

croissant filled with granola butter, fruits and some greens on wooden table on balck plate

...or more like this:

bridget jones eating ice cream in a blanket in three different position


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