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Sustainable Christmas

As the year-end rush approaches and the holidays draw near, sustainability might not be at the forefront of your attention. However, you likely feel that even during this season, it's important to prioritize consciousness. To help you navigate these few weeks with ease, we've gathered some simple ideas for making a positive impact on our planet. You won't need to exert extra effort, so you can enjoy the holidays peacefully and intimately.

1. Gift Sustainably!
shopping trolley on the groung with xmas tree
  • You benefit everyone by avoiding the purchase of unnecessary gifts. Even within the family, you can organize a Christmas draw, a few weeks before the holiday, to determine who will give a gift to whom. This can be done online if you can't meet distant relatives before the holidays.

  • Think beyond material gifts! Experience gifts are very popular, and among the myriad options, you can find the most suitable for everyone. Time spent together and shared experiences are truly memorable. Whether it's a workshop tailored to their interests or a program that allows the recipient to check off an item from their bucket list, you can create joy and contribute to sustainability.

  • Look around at home! Is there something you don't use, but you would gladly give away? Perhaps you know that a loved one would appreciate it. Whether it's a sweater your sister always borrows or a poetry book from your cousin's favorite poet, presenting used items in beautiful packaging can bring tremendous joy.

2. Wrap Creatively!
secontaste granola cylinder as gift wrap
  • You don't need to buy the most colorful wrapping paper every year, as it quickly comes off the gift. Be creative and come up with "alternative" wrapping! In our recent article, we introduced a gift box made from Secontaste Brewer's Granola cylinders. Look around your home and see what packaging you can enhance with decorations, creating durable gift wrapping that the recipient can pass on in the following year!

  • Some companies design their packaging to be reusable for wrapping gifts. We used the packaging from Who Gives A Crap for this purpose, and you can watch the video on our social media channels.

  • Opt for textile wrapping; the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, furoshiki, is a true zero-waste solution. If you have textile scraps or even a scarf, the wrapping itself becomes a gift.

3. Decorate Consciously!
  • Just as you can save on wrapping, it's worth thinking long term about decorations too! There's no need to buy new decorations every year. If you carefully store them at the end of the holidays, they will stay with you for years, accumulating more memories associated with each use. Retrieving them from the top of the closet each year will become a joyful tradition.

  • The Christmas tree is undoubtedly the star of the holiday season. However, consider how much time you'll spend at home during the holidays. If you know you'll be constantly on the move and won't be back until after New Year's Eve, consider whether it's worth buying a Christmas tree! If possible, opt for an "alternative Christmas tree," such as a beautiful textile with a pine tree pattern (DIY inspirations are available on Pinterest). Hang it on the wall and transfer the festive atmosphere in the brief time you spend at home.

secontaste granola cylinder as gift wrap travelling

4. Choose Sustainability in Travel Too!
  • Using public transportation can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, so it's worth choosing it for both short and long journeys. If you travel by train or bus, you're benefiting the environment, and you can spend the travel time reading or playing games if you're traveling with others. Believe me, slowing down will help a lot!

  • If you still find it necessary to travel by car, organize a joint trip with family members or friends! Traveling together not only saves money but also creates shared memories during the journey.

5. What to Consider at the Festive Dinner?
  • We know that if you live with your parents and don't run the household, or when you go to someone else's home, you don't decide how much food will be prepared for the Christmas dinner. There are some well-established tips that, when followed, can reduce food waste. If your host wants to pack the leftovers, accept it! This way, the prepared dish is sure to be consumed, and it will bring you joy to indulge in your grandma's roast the next day.

  • If you've made too much food, freeze the leftovers! Organize your freezer, pack smaller portions into boxes, enough for one meal from the prepared menu! You'll make the busy time of the new year easier, as all you have to do is take it out and thaw or heat the lunch. Plus, you'll bring the festive atmosphere back into your busy weekdays.

  • Create something new from the leftovers! Put together a salad or a one-pot dish from the remnants, or make an upgraded dessert if not all the cookies were consumed during the Christmas dinner! Did you know that you can create delicious dessert variations from the bejgli (a traditional Hungarian pastry)? Find our post about it on our Instagram page, follow us, and get inspired!


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