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BSG (Brewer's Spent Grain) refers to the byproduct of beer production, the leftover grain residue (barley and/or wheat) after filtering the sweet wort. It contains no alcohol but is incredibly rich in nutrients.

The ingredient is an excellent source of fiber and is packed with proteins. Due to its natural composition, products made from sörtörköly typically have higher fiber and reduced carbohydrate content.


Get it for Brekkie!

It is important for us to prioritize not only health but also mindful eating, even during breakfast.

Therefore, we warmly recommend trying our partner, Secontaste Upcycled, and their waste-free products, available in various flavors. Now you can find them with us as well!

For more details, check out their webshop:

Inquire at the reception desk

At Mercure Debrecen, we have committed ourselves to building a more sustainable future with the help of our partners, such as Secontaste.

Inquire about our partner's products and further details at our reception desk :)

Wanna be our partner?

Calling all rebels with a cause, from corner cafes to high-end hotels and visionary food companies! If you're itching to stock your shelves with our mind-blowingly delicious upcycled products or dive into the world of crafting sustainable eats, we want to hear from you. Whether you're a trendsetting establishment or a food industry trailblazer, let's join forces to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.


Reach out and let's cook up a storm—Secontaste style. Together, we can change the way we eat. Let's talk some trash...we mean upcycling ;)

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