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Can You Eat Beer?

close up of brewer's spent grain

Brewer's Spent Grain (BSG) is the by-product of beer production, specifically the leftover grain residue (barley and/or wheat) after filtering the sweet wort. It does not contain alcohol but is incredibly rich in nutrients.

Approximately 85% of all food waste related to beer production is composed of these by-products. In Hungary, it is a common practice to rescue and use them as animal feed, although they are also suitable for human consumption.

Just a few years ago, even the brewmasters did not think that the malt they used could find a second life in the form of breakfast cereals. Or as a perfect accompaniment to their own products, serving as an ideal beer snack. And the possibilities don't end here.

Is there a new superfood being born?

The definition of a superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered particularly beneficial for health and well-being. If we add to this its positive impact on the environment, then we could confidently say that BSG is indeed a superfood. However, let's leave this assessment to the experts.

As an ingredient, BSG is an excellent source of fiber and is packed with protein. Naturally, products made from beer pomace generally have higher fiber content and reduced carbohydrate content. This makes them a potentially valuable addition to a healthy diet.

Secontaste Brewer's Granola package on the breakfast table

Brewer's Granola

Waste-Free Breakfast

Our breakfast cereals, crafted through vacuum drying technology (at low temperatures - <80℃) and without added refined sugar, tastefully and satisfyingly reduce the amount of waste generated in the food industry. This way, both children and adults can kickstart their day as food waste warriors.

Instead of the sweet taste commonly associated with granolas, our emphasis lies on carefully selected ingredients. Alongside upcycled BSG, our recipes spare no seeds, date syrup, or quality olive oil.

The granola stays crispy without larger chunks until the last bite.

Suitable for breakfast or as an energizing snack. Sprinkle it on oatmeal, ice cream or even on your salads and soups to elevate the spoonful experience. 💡 For 400 grams of Brewer's Granola we use the leftover BSG from the production of 1 pint of beer 🍺

Secontaste Brewer's Cracker being poured from a beer can into a glass

Brewer's Cracker

Conscious Snacks on the Tap

Let's admit it, it was about time to freshen up the lineup of snacks served in hospitality venues. We are proud to announce that we have just launched the ultimate bar crackers, and with this product, the circle has truly closed. Caution, the first tastings may show signs of addiction!

Thanks to our savory crunchy crackers, breweries now view BSG not as waste generated during beer production but as a valuable ingredient. This allows them to offer consumers and our planet a healthier beer snack to accompany their freshly tapped beverages.

Our Brewer's Crackers are currently undergoing development. Stay tuned for the relaunch!

💡 For 1 kilos of Brewer's Crackers we use the leftover BSG from the production of 2 pints of beer 🍻


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