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This superfood could be the big hit of the UEFA EURO 2024

Our new type of crunchy snack made from the by-product of craft beer production, can be a worthy opponent of the peanut-nachos-salty stick trio this summer during the EURO 2024 soccer games and the Olympics. The raw material of brewer's spent grain (BSG) crackers is barley and/or wheat ground left over from malting, rich in fiber, protein, and vitamin B, which is not only healthy, but also delicious. Why do we call beer dregs crackers so-called upcycled food, and what do you need to know about food recycling?

 brewer's cracker digged in pesto

Well, upcycled foods are made from raw materials that otherwise would have been thrown away as a by-product of the production of another food, even though they are still completely suitable for human consumption. The urge to use everything in the kitchen has been known since ancient times, which is how breadcrumbs, sausages, and brandy were born. An excellent raw material that can be used, for example, is the barley and/or wheat ground left over from malting during beer production, also known as brewer's spent grain, which is extremely rich in nutrients, but until now it has mostly been used as animal feed.

However, thanks to us 😊 since 2021, Brewer's Granolas made from spent grain have been available – in several flavors, including cherry, chocolate and hazelnut versions – in cafes, on the shelves of delicatessens, or in the breakfast buffets of hotels. In the future they can represent a real presence in the breakfast cereal market as an alternative to the products of large manufacturers. As the latest recycling of brewer's spent grain, the cracker version may arrive this summer, which, in addition to the trio of peanuts-nachos-salty stick, is a new kind of snack that slides at least as fast as the beer itself. The recipe was developed by our founder, Júlia Dalmadi, known for her Brewer's Granolas from the RTL Klub "Cápák között" show. A food futurist with many years of international professional experience, she has been working with us and our partners on reducing food waste through food upcycling for years.

secontaste team

Brewer's spent grain accounts for nearly 85% of all food waste associated with beer production. In our country, it is common practice to use it as animal feed, although it is perfectly suitable for human consumption as well. Just a few years ago, the brewmasters surely didn't think that the malt they used could be reborn in the form of breakfast cereal or as the perfect beer snack to accompany their own product. However, that's the case, as it has been proven that products made from spent grain are both delicious and healthy, usually with higher fiber, protein, and reduced carbohydrate content - emphasized Julia Dalmadi.

The Brewer's Cracker has already passed the testing phase, which is why we launched a crowdfunding campaign on the largest Hungarian online crowdfunding platform,, so that this summer, beside the beer taps, next to the fröccs, or purchased from the store, you can also taste the new Hungarian food innovation. It's an excellent example of how food production can be sustainable and waste-free.

What can YOU do to ensure that the product hits the market as soon as possible, even before the opening kick of the UEFA EURO 2024? Primarily, you can support the campaign by purchasing a package - scroll down on the campaign page to find English instructions for backers from abroad - and, of course, by sharing the campaign. Spreading the word is essential for crowdfunding; share it on social media or send it directly to some friends who you think would bite (literally) 😉:


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