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Are coffee grounds only nourishing for the soil?

female hand spills coffee grounds from filter holder into container

You've probably wondered about the uses of the coffee grounds that accumulate after your daily coffee. With a bit of creativity and a quick search, skincare or gardening tips may have helped you breathe new life into the remnants of your favorite coffee.

What if we told you that coffee grounds are indeed edible and contain antioxidants and dietary fiber? They can be a fantastic addition to marinades, assisting in tenderizing meats. In desserts, like brownies, they enhance the chocolate flavor and infuse the treats with the rich taste of espresso.

close up of dry coffee grounds

Crunchy Coffee Delight

The latter inspired the Secontaste Moka Brewer's Granola. Infused with coffee grounds and flavored with chunks of dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds, it brings to life a crunchy coffee delight.

Secontaste Mokka Brewer's Granola in packaging and served on red berry soup

This is our first doubleupcycled product, as the base of the granola is made from the byproduct of beer production. But we don't stop here. We're already working on the next product that breathes new life into the byproducts generated in our favorite coffee shops.

If you don't want to miss their arrival or aim to be among the early tasters, follow us!


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