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The Journey Of Coffee - From Coffee Plantations Beyond Your Cup

In recent decades, sustainability and circularity have taken center stage in the food industry. Our beloved hot beverage, coffee, is no exception, with an increasing emphasis on sustainability throughout its supply chain. The processing of coffee fruit yields various by-products, opening opportunities for promoting sustainability and value creation.

fruit and seed of coffee

Throughout the cultivation and processing of coffee, numerous raw materials and by-products emerge, some of which we might not have considered valuable until now. One such example is cascara, the dried version of the fruit pulp surrounding the coffee bean. Traditionally, this husk was often discarded or composted. However, growing interest in sustainability has led many to recognize the potential within cascara.

Cascara is rich in nutrients, including caffeine, antioxidants, and vitamins. Thanks to upcycling, these valuable components can be given new life. This not only aids in reducing waste and preserving the environment but also allows for the creation of unique and nourishing products. These products, with distinctive flavors, contribute to additional income sources for those working on the plantations.

circular coffee tasting event banner

A group of pioneering Hungarian brands — Bányai Coffee, MONYO Brewing, Mad Dog Coffee, and Secontaste (formerly known as Ételmentő) — have joined forces to showcase how every aspect of coffee can be transformed into a gastronomic delight. Through the "The Journey of Coffee - Circular Coffee Tasting" event, they open the doors to the fascinating world of coffee and upcycling. The event welcomes not only coffee enthusiasts but anyone interested in gaining insight into value-conscious thinking and the realm of sustainable gastronomy.

Participants at the event can explore the new and creative side of coffee production, discover the unique flavors of cascara and other by-products generated during coffee processing, and meet expert representatives from the brands. The power of new flavors and value-adding recycling serves as inspiration for all attending the event.

"The Journey of Coffee - Circular Coffee Tasting" will take place on September 13. 2023, at the Mad Dog Hangar in Budapest. If you want to explore the delectable values born from the encounter of coffee and upcycling, don't miss this exciting opportunity! Visitors, this time, won't be tasting different coffees but the various results of coffee processing. The organizers are preparing hot drinks, craft sodas, and even snacks for attendees.

The future of the food industry lies in value creation rather than waste. The convergence of coffee and upcycling - come and discover with us the new dimensions of sustainability and creativity!

The event is free, but registration is required.


Bányai Coffee

two espressos on the coffee machine

Bányai Coffee is cultivated, harvested, processed, and roasted in the Lourdes Valley of Costa Rica and then roasted to perfection at Lucky Cup in Szekszárd, Hungary. The plantation is cared for with a biodynamic approach, using Hungarian microbiological soil and plant conditioning products. The exclusively arabica varieties (Caturra and Catuai) produced here are processed using the region's characteristic "honey" method, earning Bányai Coffee a place among the top 50 coffees in Costa Rica in the official international "Cup of Excellence" certification system.

MONYO Brewing

monyo cascara cola in the can and in the glass with a slice of orange

Since 2014, MONYO Brewing has been working to change consumers' perceptions of beer and is currently among the most dynamically developing craft breweries in Hungary. Each of their beers has its own character and story, crafted with the latest equipment, meticulous attention, and precise professional knowledge to ensure they reach the glasses in the best possible form.

In the life of MONYO Brewing, a crucial driving force is continuous renewal. They embrace challenges and innovative thinking. Perhaps it's precisely due to these factors that they ventured into crafting soft drinks in 2022.

Mad Dog Coffee

mad dog coffee hangar inside

Mad Dog Coffee has been offering specialty coffee and high-quality hospitality outside the city center since its first unit opened in 2013. The internal design carries a unique atmosphere, combining cozy, bohemian, and eclectic styles. The Hangar, opened in May 2022, serves Bányai coffee and has become a space for numerous community programs, winning the "Community Space of the Year" award in its first year.


mocha secontaste brewer's granola next to a glass of water fruits spoon plates

Secontaste is a pioneer in the Hungarian upcycling revolution. Their mission is to discover nutrient-rich by-products generated during food production that would otherwise be discarded due to aesthetic reasons or lack of knowledge and technology. One such rescued ingredient is spent grain, a by-product of brewing, from which they have been producing high-fiber, high-protein, and reduced-carbohydrate products since 2021. With Mad Dog Coffee's collaboration, they introduced the "double upcycled" Mocha flavor, using coffee grounds generated in the coffee shop.


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